Exciting Updates for Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp and the PFAR Fish Rescue!

Exciting Updates for Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp and the PFAR Fish Rescue!

Oki Nikso’kowaiksi,

Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp is proud to announce this year’s activities in stewarding the Oldman watershed. We have fostered some partnerships this year and look forward to building more relationships still. We invite you to partner with us in stewarding the land, water, and animals that call the Oldman watershed home!


Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp is sponsored by the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, ALCLA Native Plants, Leaf Ninjas and is proud to be partnered with TK Ranch, Highwood Crossing, Oldman Watershed Society and friends like Indigenous Vision and Niitsitapi Water Protectors.


About Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp


Visible from Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp is a riparian zone along the Oldman River that Harley Bastien’s family has stewarded for generations. It is here that we host the Peigan Friends Along the River Annual Fish Rescue. This is a place for educating on Blackfoot culture and a habitat for native plant and animal species. It is also an available campground if you want to book for yourself and your family, and an excellent educational site for students around the world. 

Wolf Ridge Bioengineering Project

Wolf Ridge, Wolf Flats and Wolf Crossing comprise a culturally and historically significant territory along the Oldman River. Just across the river from Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp, this site has felt the impact of local farming. We have taken on the work of helping native species’ succession. To do this work we are building a series of retention beds by falling the dead trees and using the bark and branches to conserve moisture and capture seeds that are carried by the winds from the west. We work around the nesting windows for the species that call this area home and are hoping for many opportunities for folks to work, volunteer, and learn how to steward this area to bring it back to good health. Through partnerships with Leaf Ninjas and ALCLA we will continue to encourage the growth of native species including the narrowleaf cottonwood trees and willow that act as keystone species for riparian health.


“As l sat down for a break a feeling and vision came over me that was very revealing to me.

I felt that the old and dying trees along with the few live trees were sad and crying! They are sad because all their children and grandchildren were taken away. They were crying for the loss of their families.

I felt their sorrows. Brought to mind my own family and people. And how the children were taken away from their homes and families. And locked away in residential schools. I realized that I had a lot more in common with the trees. I shared the same faith as them.” Harley Bastien.


A group of 11 people are smiling overlooking Wolf Ridge, Wolf Flats, and the CY Ranch from Harley's home in Piikani

A seed bank is built from dead narrowleaf cottonwood trees by building a bank out of old logs perpendicular to the direction of the wind. This is filled in with branches and bark to retain moisture, protect the seeds and young plants.


Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp Seed Bank Efforts

Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp has decades’ worth of native plant seeds. This year we are exploring ways to ensure these are saved for wellbeing of our future generations.

PFAR Fish Rescue

People of varying generations gather around a constructed holding tank for fish rescued from the irrigation canal. The sun is shining in the background and the skies are clear blue as volunteers work together to get the fish back into the Oldman River.

This year marks the 33rd Annual Peigan Friends Along the River Fish Rescue. With generous contributions from the Yellowstone 2 Yukon Conservation Initiative we have the opportunity to upgrade our nets, insulated waders, as well as partner with local producers who have a particular interest in grassland ecology of southern AB. We hope to fundraise in order to further support the Fish Rescue, Wolf Ridge, and other Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp activities. We have fundraising merchandise that can be purchased online here! 


We will provide previous years’ designs to have printed on a variety of merchandise and will be releasing this years’ design by artist Ryley Williams soon. 


We also have the honour of partnering with friends old and new this year, including:



Buffalo Rocks Fest


Long-time supporters of the South Country Fair, the Peigan Friends Along the River crew like to get together for some music and fun and also fundraise in the process. If you are interested in supporting a small-scale music festival let us know, planning is in its very early stages for this year's fundraiser event. 


How Can You Help?


  • Sharing information about Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp and the ongoing efforts is instrumental in keeping the grassroots community engaged. If your organization is interested in helping out this way let us know so we can send you updates and information to share with your own followers. Our activities will also be shared through the following newsletters:
  • Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Newsletter
  •  ALCLA Native Plants will also be featuring Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp in their newsletters. You can sign up at the bottom of their website.
  • Fundraising through in-person merch sales, sharing our donation links, and/or displaying our posters and collecting donations on our behalf are all great ways to partner with us.
  • Direct donations of supplies is always appreciated.
  • Volunteer! If your organization or yourself are interested in volunteering let us know and we can be sure to reach out when projects are underway. Email buffalorocksfest@gmail.com to be kept in the loop and follow Harley Bastien on Facebook for regular updates.





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