New Fundraising Merchandise for Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp!

New Fundraising Merchandise for Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp!

I'm excited that we can finally offer everybody the designs and styles from each year of the Fish Rescue since a small ragtag group of keeners decided to get engaged. Every year has offered something truly stunning and we've had 3 different artists create something that reflects the spirit of the annual fish rescue at Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp. 

This year local artist Ryley Williams decided to center a native trout species: the bull trout! Every year bull trout, among other fish species, get stranded in the Lethbridge North irrigation canal. Without the work of the Peigan Friends Along the River, thousands upon thousands of fish would have died within the canal since 1990. You can read more about the design here as well as more about the Fish Rescue here.

One design I'm really excited to roll out is one that was created for the Fish Rescue specifically for its 30th anniversary. When we got this printed, there were some hiccups which resulted in very little merch coming out of it and no colour added to the hoodies. The bumper stickers were nice, but I'm grateful we are able to get things created more efficiently. Join me in picking up a 30th anniversary hoodie here!

We've partnered with so many solid organizations this year: the volunteer feast at the Fish Rescue will feature ingredients from producers who are making efforts to treat our watersheds and grasslands with respect; with funding from Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative we can upgrade the waders and nets to better protect the fish; and there are exciting developments in terms of continuing to build the riparian ecosystems along the Oldman River. We posted about that in this last blog entry.

More updates to come as we work with partnering with local organizations who are rooted in reciprocity. 

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