Collection: Shopify Web Building

if you need a functional website for your collective, organization, business, services, etc. then we can help set you up with a shopify website. whether you want to use it as a store or just a website, we can figure out what shopify subscription works for you. 

cultivation: the basic package is all you need to get set up with a functional website. at this time this is the only package i offer, otherwise services are by-the-service. my approach to cultivation involves a series of consultations: first, we need to figure out how to make shopify work for you. it's a platform that can work as an online and/or retail store, but it can also be as simple as a landing page or a single collection that connects to your social media account. there are different plans depending on how you will use it and whether you're a registered charity, so i definitely want to navigate what will work for you.

once we know the vision, i will build out your shop. i have a series of how-tos created, and depending on your own learning style and needs from the shop i will add to these and/or create some new ones for you. i don't work as a hired web developer, so the important thing is that i will get your site built, but you have to learn how to manage it for yourself or how to seek out the help you need. 

we will follow up on things and i will continue to work on how-tos and help you one-on-one once the site is done! 


Donate to Buffalo Rock Tipi Camp

Donations go to: the annual Fish Rescue supplies; to feed volunteers; riverbank restoration; and infrastructure on the land.

20s appreciated!

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